now we r here.

all the things are haunted around my mind. i think i have involved too much.
i can't handle this, really can't.

i try to calm down. no one should cross the line.
i say plz don't ask me the question,coz i don't know what the answer is.
i try to ignore it and regard it as a trifle.
but i really have no talent for that.

we all know that, it's a long distance between u and me.
one day we will become the strangers in each other's life.

i told u just seize the days. but i am not one who can skip everythin'.
do u know what i really need?
seriously, i know u don't.
can u understand everythin' without hesitation when i am in the bad, good and normal mood each day?
seriously, i know u can't.

life is a romance. life is a misery, too.
seize the days, u said.
i am happy now, but not surrounded by the happiness.

one day u read a novel, but u know all the plot of the novel,
u will keep reading or just give up.
The answer is so obvious, right?

it's not too long, not too short! shall i make it clear or just keep this as a secret in my mind?
i told u i can't really handle this?

take time to realize.

now we r here.
what do u think?
what do i do now?

i really, really feel confused.
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