now WE move forward!

i will answer the question soon!

i think i have made the decision.
life is too short to be unhappy, so i decide to seize the days!
i told myself.

These three words stand for all the feelings i want to express.
After i lost the one i love the most in my life, i believe in the truth.
we don't know when we will die. plz don't miss anything u want to do.
just do it! so i make the decision now.

what i can do is just to live the way i am and to be the one i want to be.

maybe a few days later, the one being with me is not u. maybe u r not the one,
but now i live in happiness. i think it's enough

hey, time! plz don't go so fast, leave me more and more.
i am so tired of being sad.

mandy, i know u r reading my article now!
plz be tough and everything will go fine just like my life!
i know u understand what i mean.
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