communication gap exists between u and me!

but i think it doesmatter coz we can explain to make everythin' more clearly.

coz we r not so good at the foreign language, that's why i can tell the truth without hiding my feeling.

i will keep the courage and then keep going with u.

yes! that's my answer what u want to know! i trust that we can!
thanks for ur tolerance and consideration.

u say if the relationship is strong enough, then we can find the solution.
but there's a long, long, and long distance between us. there 's a unknown future. we both know that.

u ask me that if i think i will stay here for the rest of my life
i ask u that if u think u will stay there for the rest of ur life

both of us have no answer to that delimma and difficulty.
but we still have time to think about this.

if we can insist on it, we can move forward to.
if not, then just take it as the romance in our lives.

i just want to keep this in my mind.
one day if we can't move forward with each other. i won't regret.

that's the reality of life itself. that's it.
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